About Us

Kazumasa Ogawa Law Office is devoting itself to provide legal services including general legal and corporate affairs, international transactions including Merger and Acquisition, litigation, arbitration, business succession, and insolvency with high quality and in a comprehensive manner for major corporate clients. Our firm locates in the center of Tokyo, close to the government offices including the Tokyo District Court in order to provide our services more smoothly and more appropriately for all of our clients.

Kazumasa Ogawa Law Office was founded in September 2012 and has provided wide range of legal services internationally as well as domestically.
Business environment is going through rapid changes during recent years. Kazumasa Ogawa Law Office is aiming to contribute to companies’ existence and enhancement and maintenance of their global competitiveness. Our core values are:
・a commitment to excellence in the practice of law;
・adherence to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in everything we do;
・a deep commitment to public service and pro bono work.
These values are an integral part of the fabric of Kazumasa Ogawa Law Office. This includes finding the best solutions for our clients' complex matters with an interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. In an era of constant change, our values help us stay focused and enable us to serve our clients' best interests. Keeping in mind that each case is extremely serious for our clients, we promise you to deal with all of the cases properly and carefully.

Kazumasa Ogawa

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